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"Welcome to JKA Shotokan Karate Club Dubai – a top notch martial arts club dedicated to promoting the traditional teachings of Japan Karate Association (JKA) Shotokan Karate. Established in 2011, our club has been a proud branch of JKA, upholding the highest standards of karate training and nurturing a community of dedicated practitioners.

We are proud to be recognized and approved by the UAE Karate Federation and the General Authority of Youth and Sports, UAE. This recognition demonstrates our commitment to excellence and adherence to the highest standards set by the governing bodies of karate in the UAE. 


Chief Instructor

Sensei Ameer

In Dubai, UAE, Ameer Sensei has been dedicatedly imparting JKA Karate knowledge since 2011, earning him the distinction of being a one of senior JKA karate instructors in the region.

Ameer Sensei, a JKA 5th Dan Black Belt, Instructor B, Judge B, and Examiner C, holds the highest qualifications within the JKA. As the epitome of expertise in JKA Karate in Dubai, he ensures an authentic Japanese approach to teaching the art of empty hand combat.

For a genuine and enriching Karate-Do education in Dubai, choose Ameer Sensei’s JKA Shotokan Karate Club. Your top choice for fostering not only physical skills but also instilling the essence of Japanese martial arts tradition in your child.

JKA Karate at the Heart of Dubai

Step into the heart of our Dubai headquarters, where the art of JKA Karate flourishes with a commitment to authenticity that sets us apart. Our captivating photos reflect years of unwavering dedication to preserving and promoting the true essence of JKA Karate. Join us on a visual exploration of our unique journey, as we proudly stand as the torchbearers of genuine JKA Karate in the dynamic landscape of Dubai

Get The Customized Training You’re Looking Out of The Karate Training Club.


Starting from 4 Years.

Karate Classes for Kids starting from 4 Years. In this stage we are focusing to enhance their ABC’S fundamental skills. (A=Agility, B=Balance, C=Coordination, S=Speed)


Starting above 19 Years

In this stage, focusing on integration of physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development and wellness.


With Lady Instructor

Karate Classes for Ladies with Lady Instructor. In here we are making a convenient environment to training for ladies.


Starting from 12 Years

we are optimizing their ABC’S skills, developing athletics specific skills, integrating physical, mental, cognitive, and emotional components and preparations for competitions.

Japan Karate Association - JKA

The Japan Karate Association (JKA) is one of the most prominent and influential karate organizations in the world. Established in 1949, the JKA has played a significant role in the development and popularization of traditional karate.

The JKA focuses on the practice of Shotokan karate, a style of karate that emphasizes strong stances, powerful strikes, and disciplined training. Shotokan karate is known for its emphasis on kihon (basic techniques), kata (forms), and kumite (sparring).

In addition to its commitment to traditional karate, the JKA is also actively involved in organizing and participating in national and international tournaments. These events provide an opportunity for JKA practitioners to showcase their skills, compete with other karateka, and further promote the art of karate.

Overall, the Japan Karate Association is dedicated to preserving and promoting the essence of traditional karate. Through its training programs, tournaments, and global presence, the JKA continues to inspire and influence karate practitioners worldwide.

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Introducing our Official Team, a dynamic and dedicated group of individuals united by a common purpose and shared passion. Comprising diverse talents and expertise, our team is the driving force behind our collective success. From visionary leaders to skilled specialists, each member contributes a unique perspective, fostering innovation and resilience

Ameer Adukkattil

Chief Instructor, Examiner & Managing Director

Poalo Gandini

Senior Instructor & Examiner

Jaya Ramchandani

General Manager

Priyanka Gohil

Coordinator PTA

The Way of Balance

At the JKA, we put immense focus on the proper form and balance of each kihon, or basic technique. Through extensive training, our instructors have rigorously, scientifically analyzed and separated out each individual movement in each individual kata, and developed an unrivalled spectrum of kihon techniques. Using these special kihon, we have refined the kata to be more applicable in kumite. And in turn, the experience accumulated through kumite gives feedback to further perfect one’s kihon and kata. In this way kihonkata and kumite form the inseparable trinity of JKA karate. Through constant repetition of such techniques, your body learns to move effortlessly, naturally. And your mind learns to be effortless and natural too. JKA karate is the way of balance.

Kihon refers to the fundamental building blocks and basic techniques in martial arts.
Kata are pre-arranged sequences of movements that simulate a fight against imaginary opponents.
Kumite involves sparring or live combat practice with a training partner or opponent.

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